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To reach the most significant number of customers, startups and businesses tend to use press releases. It is an excellent idea to outsource this task to a press release distribution website. It’s important to choose the best website to succeed and stay successful.

If you hire an energised press release company, you will benefit from excellent and rapid results. Your business will increase its ranking in the competition through SEO and generate increased revenues. Promoting your products and services this way is effective.

Starting a new business or launching a new product requires that you know how to organise your thoughts. Your company’s success can’t be guaranteed by these ideas alone. Thus, you can use an established provider to distribute press releases.

PRFire is a fantastic choice for those who are looking to distribute their press releases to national or international audiences on a budget. The website contains an easy-to-use interface and enables the user to make and submit his or her submission for £50+VAT.

With PRFire’s options, if you like bonuses and have a lot of money to spend, there’s a lot more to choose from. The main highlights of the presentation focus on how PR expertise is used to help companies with limited PR know-how.

You can take advantage of a package upgrade or purchase a guaranteed publishing option, choosing to have your article published on over 200 sites, including The Fox News Network and MarketWatch, for just £100+VAT.

PR News Blog

This is one of the leading online public relations and marketing services that can connect you to consumers, the media, and bloggers. This covers the needs of any company or organisation, whether you are launching a service or introducing new products.

One of the most effective press release distribution website, PR News Blog, is among the best in the business. It can help you up to the extreme levels to attain your business goals.


Many companies offer their clients the best and easiest ways to distribute and release news in the UK and throughout the world through Pressat. It also offers a comprehensive archive of media links, including writing resources, transcription, journalism, and the ability to use a content writing tool.

Businesses can also select and incorporate the best groups according to their PR requirements via this platform. All written news articles are produced by Bing News, Donjons, NewsNow, Thomson Reuters, and international media and are published worldwide.

Currently, Pressat supports three types of subscriptions: weekly, PayG, and yearly. For the subscription package, news releases throughout the day must be distributed at £290 a month.

Real Wire

Real Wire is an established PR service provider with over 10 years of experience. The company offers a tremendous distribution program for international news releases. During these ten years, PR experts have worked to improve their web visibility.

For years, Real Wire sent PR to millions of blogs and journalistic contacts across many industries. An expert editorial staff improves press releases’ quality to maximise web visibility.

The UK-based company also allows consumers to choose the routing method so that their distribution can be scheduled for a particular day and time. Translators are readily available, making news releases in various languages readable and understood by numerous people.


Like the other websites mentioned so far, PRWeb is a phenomenal PR distribution website as well. Press release distribution and publicity networks are the fastest and most rapidly moving mediums of communication.

You can choose from various packages with different payment plans, which provide access to unlimited amounts of content. Prices typically range from £70 to £280 for a single press release.

Prices will depend entirely on the features and editing services you choose and the storage options available on its platform.

PR Underground

This platform provides a means by which companies can distribute news reports to their target audiences via an extensive network. Media content drives to cable channels, global search engines, top-rated sites on the internet, and many well-known PR sites.

The site regularly posts professional news articles to numerous local media outlets such as News Hawaii,, and much more.

They’ve got a pre-release package as well as a subscription plan. Prices range from about £36 a launch to about £220 a launch. A single launch can be completed by the beginner package and distributed across 80 major websites.


With 20 years of experience, eReleases has been helping marketers with press releases. In addition to working on a national level, the company also has significant experience working with industries, journalists, and media channels.

Buzz Builder, Newsmaker, and PR Pro are the service packages available at this press release distribution website. These are different packages to choose from, with differing prices.

The price will start at roughly £215 a pop, according to the press release. In addition, one press release will be distributed to a limited number of media sites. Your press release gets a wider media display with their most expensive package.

Furthermore, if you need a product on the same day, eRelease takes orders within 24 hours. A standard US distribution package or a custom package will cost you about £70.

EIN Presswire

The ideal way to distribute your press release globally with reliable audience targeting is by using EIN Presswire. It is a member of one of the world’s most reputable online news monitoring corporations, EIN News.

A few of the best press release sites will list your press release and index it in major search engines. Therefore, the brands of your company will reach many of their customers on various platforms.

Even though there are about 30 broadcasters on the network, the US press release distribution procedure ensures your release reaches the stations most relevant to your business type. Also included is a single image option, so your article gets a whole new look!

Business Wire

Among the leading services, Business Wire provides a variety of multimedia methods and fully satisfies marketing needs. Many of these are newsrooms and analytics. This is just one method of reaching your target audiences with your press release.

Its global presence encompasses 190 plus industry and trade sections in over 20 offices in 160 countries. Getting started with Business Wire allows you to experience local and customised services.

You are provided with everything necessary to share your story through the website. Using it, you gain the ability to reach your audience in full effectiveness.              


Finally, Newswire is one of the largest and best-known distribution companies with more than 10 years of experience in servicing the needs of PR professionals. In this time, it takes plenty of practice to write, edit, and distribute press releases.

Its customer service is exceptional, as it combines skilled PR support with an easy-to-follow process. If you wish, you can also use logos, images, or videos to enhance your storytelling experience. It distribute press releases starting at about £105 and going up to about £570.

At a base price of $500, the release includes one image accompanied by 500 words. With more releases and recipients, the company’s best press release package, Digital Plus, becomes more expensive.

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