Websites That Every Student Should Know for Their Studies

As a student, you’ll need to quickly pick up a lot of new information or risk being uneducated and perplexed about independent student life. You’ll certainly learn the bulk of school life in your high school years. But some argue the formative middle school years are just as important in a student’s path to education. Things will only get more challenging in college years.

To make college life easier, students need a bit of finesse and some wise thinking, including using several tools and techniques. Students can use the internet to discover effective study habits and access digital copies of textbooks and answers to questions they might not have explored in class. 

With that in mind, these seven websites will make your schooling easier for you.

1. edX

This website was founded in 2012 by Harvard and MIT as an open online learning platform. The objective of edX is to provide high-quality education to everyone, anywhere, by offering courses from the world’s best universities. They also aim to improve both the teaching and learning experience on and off-campus. This online platform provides tech courses and life skills that can help anyone succeed in life.

EdX is the only massive open online course (MOOC) provider, both open source and nonprofit, with over 130 partners. To start learning with edX, simply sign up and search for courses that interest you. You can get a paid certificate for somewhere between $20 and $100.

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2. Coursera

Like every other website on this list, Coursera envisions a world in which everyone, from anywhere, can alter their lives by accessing the best learning experience on the planet. You can enroll in 2,700+ courses, 250+ specialties, and 4+ degrees taught by renowned teachers from the world’s top universities and educational institutions and join a community of 33 million learners.

Video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed homework, and community discussion forums are all included in their courses. You’ll receive a Coursera Certificate after course completion. The certificate is shareable.

3. Udacity

You can quickly develop abilities, for now, tomorrow, and beyond with Udacity. You can begin learning from Google, IBM, Stanford, MIT, and other specialists.

Project reviewers, mentors, and fellow students can also assist you in turning your hard work into a profitable career. To create a ground-breaking learning experience, they work closely with the industry on all aspects of the program to assure the best possible results.

4. Lynda

It is now possible to connect with passionate specialists who can teach you anything from any location. Lynda has been on a mission to accomplish this since then. You may learn business, software, technology, and creative skills, among other things, with Lynda.

They’ve been helping students, professionals, IT and design pros, leaders, and everyone else with their vast choice of courses for more than 20 years. Industry leaders share knowledge that isn’t accessible to teachers. They learn from real-life experiences and teach you them. It’s an opportunity you can’t miss. 

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5. Chegg

Purchasing textbooks from a bookstore¬†can be costly¬†and leave a large hole in a student’s wallet. Students can rent or buy actual books from Chegg and deliver them to their apartment or dorm. E-books can be rented for $6.99 per month on Chegg if students choose not to drag around hefty textbooks. Students can also return or sell their books on Chegg after the semester. Are you looking for a summer internship? Chegg has internship applications and information for students on how to write a winning resume, ace an interview, career counseling, and more.

6. Socratic

Students may find it challenging to obtain answers to all their questions after a single Google search. In some cases, their lecturer’s material may not click with them. Socratic is a Google app that connects students to use websites that can answer their queries using artificial intelligence (AI) and search technology. Students can look up answers to their questions via voice search, typing, or taking images. Socratic applies to all courses and includes a browser feature that enables students to conduct more in-depth research on their topics.

7. Quizlet

Many students find that studying with notecards is an excellent approach to preparing for exams, and Quizlet makes it possible to do so entirely online. Students can use Quizlet to build their own study sets or browse those that have already been developed and shared with the public. Students can use flashcards, take an exam, and play matching activities to help them remember what they’ve learned.

These seven useful websites for students will make your school life a lot easier. As a student, you have to take classes, go to coaching institutes, focus on extracurricular activities, and live life to the fullest. There’s not enough time. These websites will help you save time and increase productivity.

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