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Why Do Employees Need Safety And Protective Training?

Do you and your team know how the system works and what actions or practices could risk it and make it ineffective?

Otherwise, the valuable assets of many organizations, as well as their employees, are at stake. Employees should be fully educated on how to use a clean agent pressure system, especially if installed.

There are a number of common mistakes that employees make in IT rooms that can put an entire room and its equipment in danger in the event of a fire.

Reasons Why Your Employees Need Proper Training

Misuse of IT room: Many employees, including your IT staff, are overcome by the desire to use the server room as a storage area. Paper, boxes, and other combustible materials are often left or packed on equipment or in corners.

These flammable devices suggest a fire in your server room. However, while clean agents are designed to fight flames in their early stages, they may not be able to completely extinguish the flames that are sitting on the ground. Your staff should understand why the server room is not a storage area.

Subfloor Area: One part of the server rooms sometimes overlooked is the subfloor space, which is where most of the electricity and other cable installations usually operate.

Employees, especially those from the IT department (there is no case for them), go in, move equipment, and rearrange things, but they do not properly repair the ropes or arrange or remove additional wires. Increasingly twisted and twisted, and non-existent cables remain, posing a fire threat in an inaccessible area.

Roof Tiles

IT professionals often wish to use cords for ceiling tiles but forget to reconnect them. They may even cut holes to fit their cables. On the other hand, clean agent compression systems are designed for the cubic area of ​​the area it protects. Removing the ceiling tiles allows you to create more space. This may result in the planned concentration being achieved or the time allotted.

Doors and Doors

It is easy to want to leave the doors open when there is a lot of traffic inside and outside the IT room. However, for the same reason that ceiling tiles should not be removed, keeping the door open may reduce the effectiveness of a clean agent. If the doors are closed, make sure they have adequate shutters and sweep. This will help with the integrity of the enclosure and energy saving.

It is best to have a system that automatically closes and closes the doors of the IT room in the event of a fire. If you do not have this type of protection, you will need to make a plan to keep those doors closed.
The enthusiastic trainers and professional Fire Watch Guards can provide adequate and complete Fire Watch Services that will explain both how your compression systems work and how fires are most likely to start and spread.

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