4 Best Water Purifiers for Home Use in 2021 – Features & Specifications

Having access to clean drinking water is a necessity today especially when industrialization is causing a lot of pollutants to be released in natural water sources. One way to ensure you have a continued supply of clean water is to invest in a good water purification system for your home. Some of the best water purifiers from home these days come with advanced filtration processes, great warranties and after-sales support that guarantee durability. Moreover, companies like ZestMoney offer attractive No Cost EMI credit loans where you can buy a water purifier for home on EMI quick and hassle free. So if you’re thinking of getting a water purification system this year, here are the 4 best water purifiers for home you can consider:

  1. Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

This water purifier from Faber Galaxy sports 8 advanced filtration stages and the ability to handle water TDS levels of upto 2500ppm. With a 9-litre storage capacity and mineral addition and copper guard technology, you can be assured of neutral tasting, safe and hygienic water for your home or family of 4-5 at all times.

  1. HUL Pureit Copper RO+UV+MF

As the name suggests, the HUL Pureit Copper RO Water Purifier exhibits a unique copper charge technology that delivers copper infused water known to aid in digestion, immunity and boost overall health. Its 7 stage filtration process ensures all impurities are eliminated first hand. Don’t like the taste of copper? It also comes with a separate button that dispenses copper-free or regular RO water as per your preference. While this may sit on the higher end of the price ladder, with ZestMoney you can buy water purifier for home on EMI making even the HUL Pureit Copper an affordable choice.

  1. Kent Supreme Plus RO Water Purifier

While Kent is known to pioneer water purification systems, the Supreme Plus features a multi stage advanced RO purification capable of thoroughly treating brackish, tap and corporation water. With an 8 litre capacity and 20L/hr purification rate, you can be assured of high output and zero wastage with the Kent Supreme Plus even during the occasional power cut.

  1. AO Smith Z9 RO Green RO Smart Water Purifier

What makes AO Smith Z9 one of the best water purifiers for home is its ability to house upto 10L of water making it ideal for large families of 7-8. It comes with an advanced recovery technology that enables the device to save two times the amount of water than a regular ro water purifier. Last but not least, the water purifier is equipped with a comprehensive digital display, led lights and an additional hot water dispenser for those who’d prefer a temperature option.

Now that we’ve explored a variety of water purifiers, it’s time to go ahead and invest in one that suits your needs. If you’re worried about the price tag, Zest Money allows you to easily buy a water purifier for your home on EMI without any down payment making it instantly affordable for you. All you have to do is sign up with Zest Money online, submit your KYC documentation and receive your credit limit within minutes! You can start shopping on EMI not just for water purifiers but many household appliances on EMI across Amazon, Flipkart and 8000+ retailers at your convenience.

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