Complete Guide to Wire-Cut Makino EDM machine & Advantages 2022


Are you looking for the best quality Wire EDM Cutting Machine? Then the Makino EDM machine will be suitable for you. The EDM system operates based on the principle of electric discharge machining. As you may know, EDM machines are widely used for the perfect production of complex geometry and metal parts. Wire EDM process is specially used for cutting hard metal shots. EDM cutting machines are more commonly used for cutting hard tool steel and carbide. Makino EDM machine is the most common and much more popular worldwide. Read this article to know more about the best quality EDM cutting machine.

What is EDM wire cutting?

A Makino EDM wire-cut machine is a continuous thin electrical conductor whose workpiece is immersed in a dielectric fluid. And EDM is used to spark gaps between workpiece surfaces. The Makino EDM wire-cut machine is used as an alternative to the electro-discharge machine. And with it, a thin electrical conductive wire is used as the electrode.

Makino Wire EDM Machine will help you to make hard metal by setting any X, Y, U, V direction.  Many users do not know the full meaning of EDM. If you want to use a high-quality EDM machine, you must first know the full meaning of it. EDM is (electric discharge machining). This is a form that will help you to cut any part of the instrument.

The biggest feature of EDM machines is that they can easily make hard or soft material. And helps to make any metal perfectly without any contact. As you can see when using this machine, it creates a burr-free finish. You should note that the wire used to conduct electricity is much finer, so you can easily cut narrower slots and smaller radii at the corners.

How to choose an EDM cutting machine?

When choosing an EDM cutting machine keep in mind that its filter production can determine high precision. And the better quality EDM you choose, the better the cutting will be. Makino EDM machine is known as the best cutting machine in the market. According to a survey, the Makino EDM machine is the most widely used in the world. Parts for the Makino EDM machine are preferred by most users. Because these parts offer the best quality and guarantee long-term use.

EDM cutting machine

Why Makino EDM machine best?

Makino offers a wide variety of parts, of which EDM is the most popular. Mentioned below is why you would prefer the Makino EDM machine.

  • Reasonable prices are offered.
  • The finishing of each product is much more perfect.
  • Guaranteed to use for a long time.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Provide the best after-sales service.
  • Provides 24/7 days Makino support.

Makino offers a variety of EDM spare parts. Makino spare parts are_

  • Diamond wire guide
  • Water nozzle
  • Power set contact
  • Ceramic cutter
  • EDM filter material
  • And Makino EDM wire.

Currently, the conventional wire EDM machine

Currently, the Makino EDM machine is the most used.  Makino EDM machine commercialization began in the 1960s. As you may have read before, EDM uses a tensile fin as its electrode for electrodes. The part with the cut material and this system will be submerged in the deionized water of the cut part. Since it can work without any connection, water acts as an insulator until the moment of electrical discharge. As you work, you will notice that the wire is moving all the time and comes close to the part.

During cutting, the distance between the piece and the wire gradually decreases. And the current can flow from it to pieces, even if it is in a dielectric environment. And the emission area tends to heat up to thousands of degrees. And from there will turn into ionized gas. After a while, it will take on the shape of a bubble. This process is caused by high pressure. The bubbles in the plasma will continue to break down and the molten material will spread around in liquid form. And as a result, a small hole will be created in the workplace.

A portion of the cable is eroded when the EDM machine is working. This process will happen every time you notice a hole. You would be surprised to know that it can be as fast as 250,000 times per second! The flow of water will keep the cut clean, then the cut will become a little deeper.

EDM important points

I mentioned earlier that some parts of the wire are eroded every time it is cut, therefore, it can erode faster throughout the EDM process. You will try to use a new wire to keep the machine running so that the wire does not wear out quickly. Make sure there is no mistake during the next work, so you should cut the damaged wire and leave it in a feed bin.

Some projects may require internal cutting, so make a pilot hole that allows the wire to enter easily. You can use the Makino EDM drilling machine to complete this process. Some users use drill machines following the old procedure. But it is better not to use a drill machine for perfect work. Since you can easily buy Makino EDM Drill Machine from Marketplace, so try to use it. If you learn more about Makino EDM Machine, please click the taguti.net website.

If you want to get the most out of an EDM wire machine, you need to always clean the dielectric fluid. The EDM machine became dirtier after rusting, so it could not be used for long. Rusting will never improve the surface finish. The better you maintain, the better the EDM machine will work.

Last words

When cutting paper filters with an EDM machine try to keep them more clean and tidy. However, taguti.net will be one of the leading platforms for purchasing EDM. Here you will find all the best quality EDM components at affordable prices. You are still in a good position to purchase Makino EDM Parts, as it offers high-quality EDM Parts.

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