How to Choose NET Development Company

Choosing a web developer today is an asterisk problem. Dozens of web studios offer their services, luring customers with prices and various services, framed with beautiful headlines and calls to action. To choose a company to create a site, a potential client is forced to spend his time browsing sites, reading reviews, analyzing pricing policy. But this is not a guarantee that the choice will fall on a professional performer, ordering a website from which the client will be satisfied.

Let’s be objective. Not everyone in the IT market is really professionals. This is the main problem for a potential customer. Every company promises mountains of gold in the form of a cool web project. But in fact, it turns out that the project comes out crude or unfinished, with a large number of errors that directly negatively affect the conversion of the site. Dataxdev net development company is ready to carry out any task.

Vendor’s experience

On thematic sites and forums, there is always a discussion of the web studio you are interested in. It is important to read the reviews about the company, adding an objective impression about it. Also, the reputation is evidenced by the companies that have already collaborated with the web studio. As a rule, the performer is always proud of them and displays their logos on their website. It’s great if you find video testimonials from grateful customers that cannot be faked. It is known that in the struggle, competing companies deliberately leave negative reviews in an attempt to get more customers.

It is necessary to form your opinion about the proposals of the companies included in this list. It will not be superfluous to go to the portfolio. If it contains a variety of styles of work, then this is a positive moment. Further, it is worth assessing how clear the material proposed by the resource for consideration by the user is, whether it is easy to navigate the site, to figure out what the latter is aimed at. It would be nice to find out if the latest web technologies are used in the development. It is advisable to find a project that could serve as a prototype for the one that the customer wants to create;


There are web studios specializing exclusively in one service. For example, design development or website advertising. It is better to contact such companies only in cases where a specific type of work is required.

If you want to order the creation of a website, it is better to choose a web studio offering a range of services. Such firms, as a rule, are engaged in website development, content writing, advertising and promotion, technical support. And also perform related services. For example, SEO analysis of the site, logo development, branding / rebranding, redesign, selection and rent of a domain, hosting, and more. Such web studios perform turnkey work, which is very convenient for the client.

Communicative skills and management tools

Before agreeing to cooperation, conduct a small analysis of the company for all of the above factors. Do not forget to consider the issue of price – professional performers will never work for a penny. Analyze the pricing of services in your city and choose a company that offers a range of services at an average cost. Take your time with the choice, communicate with the managers of web studios in order to choose a developer who will fully satisfy your requests in the future.

Intellectual property protection

Professional of java development services are required to work under a contract. The agreement is legally binding and is the main document with which you can go to court in the event of conflict situations. The contract must contain the terms of cooperation, the obligations of the contractor and the customer, the timing of the development of the site and its cost, the conditions of work in the event of force majeure circumstances, the terms of payment (the amount of prepayment and post-payment).

Cooperation “on parole” does not last long – before the first problems arise. If a web studio works without a contract, the company is not legally registered, then this suggests that the customer is more likely to lose in the event of conflict situations.

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