5 Ideas to decorate your walls without make holes

Gaps in and those thick studs are a thing of the past. Now you have countless options for hanging a painting at your fingertips without damaging the wall. This article will reveal some wall decoration ideas without leaving any damage behind.

It’s not just that you live in a rental home, and the landlord doesn’t want you to leave the house like Gruyère cheese. Even homeowners don’t want to start drilling holes in the wall themselves, having to rescue the drill from its dark corner and pierce a wall to hang a photo, a shelf, a towel rack, a clock, a bookcase or some other accessory.

Yeah, it is true that years ago, we had almost no choice but to hang holes on the wall, but today we have several options for hanging items without crossing the wall. And beyond hanging stuff, the reality is that you have several other (and far more original) equally aesthetic ways to decorate your walls without hanging anything on them.

Which wall would you like to decorate?

Before you start hanging stuff on your wall, the first thing you can do is pick which wall you’re going to decorate. Stand in front of it and decide whether it is smooth or, on the opposite, rugged. When selecting one decoration design or another, this knowledge is essential.

 We don’t have to limit ourselves to only putting a few paintings when it comes to decorating your walls; we can find a wide range of possibilities in the world of design and decoration to leave our home’s walls with a super artistic and original look. Here are a few suggestions so that you can introduce them in your surroundings and even without making any hole.coving is a great way of adding decorative detailing and that designer feel to your room.

Wall stickers

When we search for some nice and elegant wall decoration ideas then we must note that several different types of wall stickers are available. Therefore, to select the one that best fits your wall form and what you want to hang on it, you must take into account the styles that exist. The most critical factor to take into consideration is the weight provided by the adhesive.

There are double-sided and liquid tape formats that are adhesives and are easily available. Universal glues (suitable for any surface) and those unique to mouldings or wallpaper are included. An adhesive is also available, which typically comes in the form of strips that are already cut and ready for use. Make sure the wall is still clean and that the surface of what you hang is also even.

Turn your wall in an art gallery by Mixtiles

Mixtiles is the best way to make your wall a real-life version of your Instagram feed. The tiles give your memorable images a stylish look that can easily be mounted on any wall via a sticky mounting tape that of course, will not let you force to drill any hole. These Mixtiles you can stick and restick again and again with no longer danger behind. You might be thinking of its cost, but these tiles are very less expensive than those traditional frames even you can buy online now by using different Mixtiles promo code that is you can buy as many Mixtiles as you want as per your decor style, available in different frame style options and one of the best wall decoration ideas.

Using fabric for wall decoration

Using textiles is one concept for decorating walls. The fabric enables you to highlight a wall in the setting, so you can select various colours or an enticing pattern that gives your home the touch you are looking for. Via an adhesive, the fabric adheres to the wall, so it is not a change that is forever; you may repeatedly refresh it.

Decorate walls with branches

The trend of decorating walls with branches has risen in recent years. You can achieve a minimalist look, where simplicity, pure and natural lines stand out by using branches of different types and sizes. The branches may be real, artificial or simply decorative vinyl that mimics their form. Natural branches are the best choice if you are looking for a more bold theme. You can spray them paint or shine them with synthetic enamel; remember to use a strong glue when putting them on the wall.

Take advantage of your floors

It’s true, the paintings look very attractive on your walls, but have you ever tried to put them directly on the floor? In addition to saving you the trouble of having to hang them, this choice will give your living room an exceptional artistic touch and would be the best idea to decorate your wall without making any hole. If you rest them on a wall lined with exposed brick as well, and select big sculptures without any furniture.

Fill your walls with literature

Although young generations have been fewer and less in their homes, books have always been and will always be a decorative touch to avoid piercing walls, and their sheets even add to soundproof spaces. You will be able to offer a lot of life to any wall of your house, whether in the living room, the dining room or a passageway if you combine your books with some decorative items.

Decorate your wall with maps

You can also decorate walls with maps if you want to be at the forefront. Using large maps that fill the entire wall or putting smaller maps next to each other is the concept of this type. The maps are stuck to the wall, much like the fabrics, so it is permanent. Try to use good glue so that with the passage of time, the tips do not slip off.

Don’t forget the vinyl

Only a portion or whole walls as a frieze. Vinyl paper enables us to choose from a wide variety of choices to decorate our furniture or our walls. It is considered as one of the best way to prevent walls from any danger like holes and you can decorate your walls very nicely. Furthermore, they are much simpler to mount than you might expect, water-resistant and very easy to clean. There are also certain adhesive designs that do not have to be mounted to the wall and operate with a click device (also referred to as tongue and groove) or slats that are mounted to the partitions.

Use the paint

If you’d like to refrain from “stickers” and go off with outlandish solutions on a tangent to prevent poking holes, don’t forget the mere colour presence. Often selecting a particularly strong colour in which to paint your walls will give your rooms a personality that is hard to match in paintings, depending on the dimensions of your rooms. If you’d like to refrain from “stickers” and go off with outlandish solutions on a tangent to prevent poking holes, don’t forget the mere colour presence. Often selecting a particularly strong colour in which to paint your walls will give your rooms a personality that is hard to match in paintings, depending on the dimensions of your rooms.

Use Magnet Paint

And finally, painting the wall with a magnet is another super innovative and practical concept. In the setting you want to decorate and paint it with magnet paint, you can choose a wall for this. Usually, three layers of this paint are required. You can place tiny photographs, notes, souvenirs, and everything with a magnet to cling to when the paint is finished.

I Hope, you have got different wall decorating ideas without making holes on the wall. So, plan your wall and decorate as per your required concerns.

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