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5 Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect SEO Report

An SEO report is the most important part of your website. Some digital marketers find it a tedious task. But an SEO report can let you directly onto the right way. While maintaining an SEO report you may want to complete hundreds of things but what are the important ones. 

It is the most profound confusion for any digital marketer, which strategy is best to maintain an SEO report? A quick guide comes in handy to help you out with each part of the SEO report. 

Here are 5 tips and tricks for creating the perfect SEO report.

Grouping Data

The most systematic management of data can be done through grouping. Once you group the data according to different categories then a simplified look at performance can be achieved. For example, analyzing each group of web pages separately according to their types.

While analyzing specific pages under one category will let you know what types of particular web pages are creating results. These are helpful in understanding the investments for various pages. A better understanding and less time will be consumed once the process is established.


Once the data is grouped according to various categories then you understand which type of data is better for promoting more and which is not. After organizing the data it is better that you summarise it and get the results that are put to use practically. For example, you may have listed all the webpages with their on-page and off-page Matrixx but interpreting those metrics is an important task.

Various on-page and off-page metrics will give you results but how do you interpret them depends on summarising. The organic traffic on your website is one such metric that can be analyzed in different ways. You will need to compare different months of organic traffic and for that each month data should be summarised in a particular way.

Organize it carefully

while summarising and grouping the data most of the digital marketers don’t understand what data is fruitful and what’s not. Organizing carefully simply means that you need to filter out the information given out through the various analytical tools. you may not know but every information is not helpful.

The most important aspect while organizing the data is relevance. Try to organize the data so that it becomes relevant to your website. For example, understanding the kind of traffic you are getting on the website may not be relevant for your market niche, it means that your market is not targeted suitably.

Key performance indicators

No various key performance indicators are available to analyze the data but it is confusing to understand which one should be applied to the kind of data you have. Each key performance indicator will tell you a different story about the performance of your website and hence they must be used carefully.

A law firm business will need different KPIs such as attorneys based targeted keywords, blogs about each service you provide, and views on your blogs. So these KPIs may not be relevant for a different business. Hence they need to be chosen according to the business or your client.


Are you able to interpret the data into business-relevant material? You may get a number as how.much organic traffic is generated but it is only useful when you understand that the number of traffic is how.much relevant for the business. Hence converting data into meaning is the main aspect.

While the SEO report doesn’t end here, you require some skills to create a quality SEO report. You will be needed to convert numbers into quality interpretations, only numbers won’t give you much relevancy. There are other factors involved while making an SEO report such as data graphics, simplifying the marketing terms into layman terms, and customized analyzing metrics.

If you apply the above 5 key metrics then you are halfway there. Then the magic you can expect is outstanding. You will be able to provide your customers with meaningful advice and even charge for them. While your own business can flourish with the right information. I wish you all the luck that prevails!


BIODan Toombs is an experienced lawyer and the founder/director of Fast Firms. He is the winner of multiple awards and equips you with some of the best SEO services for law firms which includes law firm marketing.

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