How Many Seeds Do You Need to Grow a Plant?

It has been asked over and over again, how many weed seeds do you need to grow a plant? As an idea, there is no right or wrong answer. Yes, it is true that 1 marijuana seed can grow into a single plant. However, with regards to growing marijuana, there are also odds that we have to consider to ensure we will be able to reap out of all the efforts we put in when growing weed.

What I am trying to say is there are some factors involved that we need to consider to ensure we get to our main goal of growing a female cannabis plant and finishing them into its flowering phase. If you buy marijuana seeds, there are several types of cannabis seeds to choose from. Depending on which seed you buy, it will play an important role on how you will strategize to make sure you end up with the amount of plants you expect to provide the yield that you are looking for. The expected yield will determine the amount of CBD oil you can prepare from the plants. Businesses dealing in CBD products earn huge profits in the present era because of its demands. This demand is mainly due to its beneficial uses. CBD oil can be used by humans as well as pets. Many pet owners now use CBD oil for cats and their fluffy friends.

Furthermore, we have to consider that we are dealing with a natural and organic product, so even though you buy premium cannabis seeds, there is still that minimal chance that some seeds may not germinate due to several factors, like storage and age of the marijuana seed.

Below are the things to consider…

Different Marijuana Seed Types for Sale

Regular Cannabis Seeds – These are your good old natural seeds in its purest form. Majority of the strains have a regular version of it for sale at online seed banks today and have remained to be the cheapest among all seeds. Regular seeds offer a 50:50 chance of getting either a male or a female plant and these are photoperiod as well meaning they depend on light schedules to flower.

Feminized Cannabis seeds – These seeds undergo a genetic modification wherein breeders are able to take advantage of the cannabis plants natural reaction to stress, which turns females into hermies, and uses that to fertilize a female marijuana plant with pollen produced by another female plant. These in turn guarantees 99% female plant on each feminized cannabis seed you sow.

Germination rates

Aside from the kind of seed that you are going to use, you will have to consider the odds of your seed germination. We have to consider that there is a chance that not all the seeds will germinate and if they do germinate, there are always others that look stronger and more viable to survive.

How many marijuana seeds should I Grow

There is common practice among growers on how many marijuana seeds should be planted in order to get the desired amount of marijuana plants. This is based upon the odds of getting female cannabis plants to a point where you can actually say that they are stable enough and could finish flowering.

For Regular Marijuana seeds, it is practiced to grow double the amount plus 1 seed on top to cover. For example if you are planning to grow 1 plant you should germinate 1×2=2+1 meaning you will have to germinate 3. The same principle applies as you increase your number. If you plan to flower 4 marijuana plants until harvest, then it is suggested to germinate at least 9 regular cannabis seeds to increase your odds in ending up with 4 healthy female plants that will bear buds.

For Feminized Marijuana seeds, it is recommended to grow an extra seed on top of your planned number of plants. Example, if you plant 3 marijuana plants until harvest, then it is suggested to germinate 4 feminized cannabis seeds. The additional one is just to buffer other factors like non germination, however, you are assured that all the seeds that you planted will turn out to become a bud bearing and healthy female marijuana plant.

How many marijuana plants can I grow?

This is totally depending on the laws of your country and how authorities regulate this plant. In some major states in the US, medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow a maximum of 4 mature plants and are regulated to be for personal consumption only.

Make sure to understand your purpose to have a better understanding of how many seeds you need to germinate and how many marijuana plants do you really need to get a certain amount of yield that you need.

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