Online Gaming Facts That You Didn’t Know

With the advancement of internet technology and data transfer speed and good web hosting, online gaming is no more luxurious like we thought about it in our childhood. It is a part of modern gaming and a huge number of gamer around the globe are enjoying the experience. Not only just internet technology but the computing power from desktop to mobiles has also been a major part of increasing online gaming and developers are now focusing on creating massive online games more than ever. Here are some of the astonishing online gaming facts that you didn’t know.

Alternative Entertainment Industry

Now we have Netflix, Amazon prime, and such an OTT platform that have changed the way we used to consume media and it will be surprising for many that games are another alternative for many as the entertainment media. Game streaming has become a major thing to enjoy a huge number of people. Not only just that, People like to watch games being played as much as one will like to play. It is estimated that about 15 million people log in on regular basis to their Twitch accounts to enjoy watching their favorite streamers playing their favorite or any popular game and they also learn about it. Streaming has become one of the major branches of the gaming industry, as gamers around the globe earning their living by streaming their gameplay.

Shattering Clichés

At first, it was considered that games are just for boys only, Most of the advertisements regarding consoles and PCs showed male gamers at the start and even the companies targeted the male audience mostly. But in the last decade, this cliché has been shattered, It will be surprising for you that a huge number of female gamers are now involving in online games especially in RPGs even in E-sport it was estimated that 45% of gamers were female. About 46% of games were purchased by girls and even though they enjoy the different genres but they are now becoming an active part of the industry.

Families Are Getting Closer

As mentioned earlier, the gaming industry has been evolved too much from 8-bit 2d graphics to photo-realism, from bulky consoles and PCs to slim and stylish gaming machines and so are the gamers. Most modern gamers are adults that have been playing games for decades. It is estimated that 30% of gamers are adults and they like to play games at least once with their family so it won’t be wrong to say that gaming is not only an entertainment medium but they are helping families to spend quality time, no wonder gaming deals are a major attraction for adult gamers as well as young adults.

Age Is Just A Number

Gaming is an industry that doesn’t have hard and fast rules when it comes to age. Though it has ratings there isn’t an age restriction when it comes to gaming in general. Most of the gamers around are 18 to 49 years old. But there are gamers between 52 to 63 years and even more. Games for a senior citizen like bingo online, chess, or cards are specially designed for their convenience. In short, gaming is an industry where age is just a number.

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