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Top 5 reasons why people lie about writing services

Writing an interesting and captivating blog or an article is not an easy task. Although you might have a lot of ideas and content that can be compiled together to make an interesting blog, but you need to be quite skilled so that you can turn those ideas into something that will interest your readers. That is why; people prefer hiring content writing service to write articles for them. Following are described some valid reasons why you need to hire a professional writing service.

Error and mistake free writing

A well-established case study writing service has proper teams for handling every type of tasks. There are different proof readers as well as editors. The advantage of hiring professionalsguarantees that you get content of the highest quality, without any mistakes in writing or grammar. Not only that, they will also inspect the whole article for any punctuation, formatting or other typographic errors which could give a bad impression on anyone who reads your article.

Language and tone:

Based on the business, product or the need for which you require an article or a blog, the language and tone will differ. For example, if your targeted audience is young ones, you will have a totally different tone than what you would use to keep elders interesting. On the contrary, if you are hiring the service for academic writing, that will have a totally different style. Writers that are professional know the technical aspectsand that is why, they adopt the tone that is needed to get the attention of the audience.

Clarity in the message:

Whenever you write a blog or an article, there is a specific topic that you are discussing. Similarly, for academic writing, you will be discussing some problem. That is why, you need to have such a tone that your message is conveyed in the sense that you have intended it for. A professional writing service will not focus on using heavy vocabulary or difficult to understand jargon. What they focus on is the message. Therefore, with the help of that service, you will be able to convey your message properly to the intended audience, without any ambiguity.


In case of academic writing, the format is very crucial. No matter how high the quality of the content is, if you have not followed the prescribed format, you will not be able to get good marks. In a number of cases, the teacher might totally reject your assignment. The all effort you makewill go to waste. Writing services have a number of highly experienced writers, which are well aware of all the formats for every type of writing. Even if they do fail to follow the method, the editors and proof-readers will catch the mistake. So you will be getting a proper assignment that follows the required format, which will help you in getting high grades.

Plagiarism free:

One of the other positive thingsis that the content you will get will be free of any plagiarism. Copied or plagiarised content, in every case has serious consequences. For example, if you submit plagiarised content as assignment, not only will your assignment be rejected, but you might also be expelled from the institution. In case you are using it professionally, there might be a number of legal consequences. That is if the company whose content you have plagiarised decides to take legal action against you. Not only that, your website might also be blacklisted by the various search engines as publishing plagiarised or copied content is strictly against white hat techniques. So you will not be getting any traffic from those search engines, which is the basic purpose for publishing content on your website.

5 lies about content writing services:

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, people prefer to hire content writing services for writing content for academic or for business purposes. But a writing service might not always be a good decision always. That is because people lie. So if you are deciding on hiring a copywriting service, you need to know if they are lying or not so that you can save your time, energy and money. Here are five of the biggest lies that people tell about content writing services that they are providing and ways how you can save yourself from these lies:

1.      Same rate for every client:

A number of content writing services say that they charge the same rate for every client. Well that is actually a lie. The reason for that is every single content is different from others. So you can’t charge the same rate for a client that requires a content that is highly technical as compared to a client who simply needs a copywriting. So if you come across a site or a service that says they have fixed charges for every type of writing, then you should stay away from them.

2.      Qualification based on a degree:

If a site claims that they have experienced writers because they have a degree in English literature, then you should know right away that is not true. Because a degree in English literature is not a standard to judge that they will have an impressive expression or would be able to write according to the specifications and demands. In order to judge a content writer, you need to see the reviews that the previous clients have given for the services they have provided. So instead of judging a writer based on the degree that they have, rather judge based on the reviews from the clients.

3.      Claiming to do projects on urgent basis:

If a writer or a service that they can complete a project in a matter of just hours, not matter how long the content is, then instead of wasting time on them, you should look for someone that asks for a little time. Only select the writers that provide urgent tasks if you have no other option. The reason for that is a quality work requires effort and research. Anyone can be a fast typist, but when producing high quality work, your main focus is not just typing words. Even the best writers might type up a copy in a matter of minutes. What actually makes difference is the time that they put in for collecting relevant stuff.

4.      For a little extra fee, they can make time for you:

If a writer or a service claims that they are fully booked, but if you pay a little extra fee, commonly known as “rush fee”, then they can make a little time for you, stay away. A real service, which is actually booked won’t need the extra fee for making time for you, because they already are booked. It is just a technique used to squeeze extra money out of you.

5.      Does not share their portfolio:

A number of services claim that they are not allowed to share their portfolio due to the privacy of customers. This is not true. It is true that there are some cases in which you can’t share a specific project, but not all projects are that secretive. A writer worth his salt will have a great portfolio to show the quality of work that they have done in the past.

Therefore, if you come across a service or a writer that says one of the things mentioned above, then you should try to stay away from them unless you are really desperate and have run out of options.

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