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Water Heaters Need Annual Attention!

If you just got in from a hard day at work, or its a run, or you had a rough night and all you can think about is that nice hot shower you are heading for, and then the hot water is not working, that can be a nasty shock. The fact is if you have a water heater Ocean County or anywhere, it needs to get a yearly service and check-up to keep it running well. When you skip these you can find yourself facing situations like a cold shower. Below are some things you can look for when you take a look at the water heater, but the best thing you can do is call in an expert who knows what they are looking for and how to properly fix it.

What to look for – You will need a good amount of light so if it is not in a well-lit area take down a flashlight to see with. First, take a look at the floor around the water heater. Check to see if there is any lint, debris, dirt or such that might be causing an obstruction. Also, check around including on the sides for any moisture. If there is condensation this may be due to the pressure not being right inside. Water on the floor is a sign that there might be a leak or that the condensation levels are very high. This is not something to fix yourself, you need to call in a licensed plumber Ocean County.

You can also check to see if you have a gas heater whether the pilot is still lit. If that light is out then it might just need to be relit. Just be sure to check the manufacturer’s book and follow the instructions and have the gas turned down before you do so. A water heater Ocean County is not something to try out your DIY skills on though. Pilot lights can be re-lit, but beyond that, unless you are yourself a water heater technician or plumber, call in the experts! Not only could you damage your water heater further to the point where it needs more serious and expensive repairs, but it could lead to water damage to your home too.

Conclusion – Getting your water heater checked out annually is a great way to stay on top of issues and keep it going, and extend its lifespan. You are investing in extending its life, and will then pay less in emergency repairs, and not have to buy a new water heater as soon. Long term you are saving money. If at some point the inspector says your water heater is too old then you can ask them for help in choosing the best option for your home. A licensed plumber Ocean County or plumber point pleasant spotting when a heater is too old helps you avoid getting to a situation where you deal with leaks and cold showers! Save yourself money and stress by getting annual inspections.

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