Which are the Official Gambling Regulatory Bodies in New Zealand? 

New Zealand has an interesting relationship with gambling, online gambling is banned from taking place in a provider in the nation but is otherwise completely legal. Players often wonder who the official gambling regulatory body in the country is – visit FreebetCasino.

New Zealand regulation 

New Zealand heavily regulated their gambling, especially when compared to the United Kingdom. The country prohibits people from online gambling on sites that are from the country but will let players use sites which are based outside the nation. Under the gaming act 2003, many of the rules in New Zealand’s gambling scene were set. The regulatory body that came out of this act was the Department of Internal Affairs, which is the main regulatory body in the country. They can punish people who disobey the rules by fining them and even revoking their license. Having been around since 2003, the department has had plenty of time to affirm its authority over gambling establishments in the country. As a result, it is very well respected by both players and providers. 

Other country regulation 

New Zealand may regulate their gambling a certain way, but other countries have their own specific way of doing things too! Not everywhere in the world affords gamblers the same freedoms. The following are some examples of gambling regulation in other countries around the world. 

  1. The UK – Although players may not realise it, the UK is a country which is incredibly relaxed when it comes to their gambling regulations. Especially from the players point of view. There is, infact, more regulation on the providers than the player. Of course players still need to be able to provide proof of age and gamble responsibly but they are free regarding what games to player and where they can play.
  2. China – China is known for having very strict gambling rules. In the country itself, there are only certain designated areas where gambling can take place, everywhere else it is illegal.
  3. Brazil – Bingo halls have actually been banned in Brazil, with online bingo being the only form of the game that players are allowed to enjoy. This may seem especially surprising if you are from a country which features lots of bingo halls! 

Regulatory Body 

As a result of the Gambling Act which was passed in 2003, New Zealand set up an independent regulatory body to oversee the nation’s gambling. This body is known as the New Zealand Gambling Commission and they have a lot of power. 

●       The commission has the power to revoke a provider’s gambling license, this is incredibly important as without it a provider would not be able to operate legally. Having this power means that providers need to follow the rules and regulations that the commision set out, they don’t want to lose their license. 

Final Thoughts 

New Zealand gambling regulation is slightly more strict that people may initially realise, with regulatory bodies holding massive power over providers. There is also the fact that online gambling is banned from taking place inside the country, providers must be based outside the nation in order for it to be legal.

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