How to Make Ice Cream Cake At Home

Are you going to celebrate your kid’s birthday or your wedding centenary and want to serve your guests with ice cream cake in cake boxes. Learn how to make it at home.

Of all the sweets and desserts around, cakes with out of the ordinary cake boxesenjoy the most momentous stature, as they represent and mark special events. Almost in every society and culture, the tradition of cutting cake on celebrative occasions like birthday, weddings, and anniversaries to set off the celebrations is the same.

Your cakes can be as innovative as you want them to be. You can have them in any shape, size, and flavor of your choice. Ice cream cake is one of such innovations and variations that chefs make, and it has got the interest of many people. Ice cream and cake are two of the most-cherished desserts, and their combination can help hit the bull’s eye when you serve it at a get-together or celebration party.

You cannot ever go mistaken with an incrusted cake of soft ice-cream, squishy cake, and crumbling cookies. As these kinds of cakes are easy to make and you can go for it at home, why should you go to stores to buy cakes packaged in cake packaging solutions? Do not get baffled about how to make these cakes at home. Here is the art of making these cakes at home with ease and with no particular expenses, as following the below-described steps and guidelines to go with can help you do so with ease and perfection.

Things You Need To Collect for cream cake

To make ice cream cake at home, you will need to have the following materials and gears to go with the process smoothly and get delicious cakes.

  • 2 ice cream packs
  • A flat pan ( baking pan is preferred)
  • Plastic wrapping
  • Cake loaf
  • 8 to 10 crushed cookies or biscuits of your choice
  • Desired elements for toppings (fresh fruits, whipped cream, fondant, cocoa dust, shredded coconut, or jelly).
  • Refrigerator or any other freezing facility
  • Cake boxes

Steps To Make Ice Cream Cake

Soften the Ice Cream

To start with the process of making ice cream cakes, the first step that you should be taking is softening the ice cream as for ice cream cakes; you cannot use it in hard form. In this regard, keep your ice cream packs in the room temperature to let it sit out for about 15 minutes. Keep them in the room temperature until they meltdown and get soften.

Refrigerate The Pan

While your ice cream is melting, one thing that you can do at the same time is refrigerating a flat pan for about 10 minutes. Using a baking pan can be a better choice in this regard. After 10 minutes, take your refrigerated pan out and place a plastic wrap with its side hanging out the pan. Doing this will help you with the coming steps of ice cream cake making at home.

Smear The Cake Loaf with Ice Cream

Now abode a layer of your cake loaf on the refrigerated pan and smear a thicker layer of softened ice cream over it. Using a spatula, flatten the smeared ice cream and spread it from corner to corner to cover the top of your cake.

Add Crushed Cookies 

To add crunch to your cake, crush your cookies or biscuits, and spread them all over the smeared ice cream over your cake. You can use cookies or biscuits of your choice. If you are making a cake for your kids, you can add their favorite ones that might be chocolaty and crunchy, to boost their delight and taste for them.

Adding Layer of Ice Cream Again

Now add another coating of ice-cream over the crushed cookies.

Top It and Refrigerate It

After adding a new layer of ice cream over the cake, you have to top it with another layer of cake loaf and abode the ice-cream cake in the refrigerator for almost two hours to let your cake completely set.

Take It out

After two hours, once you are sure that your cake is already set and do not need to get kept in the refrigerator for more time, just take it out with the support of the edges of the plastic wrap. Now remove it from the pan and sensibly take away the wrap too.

Add Toppings

Once you are sure that your cake is already perfectly made, you can add desired toppings to beautify the cake. In this regard, you can go with fondants, fresh fruits, cocoa dust, shredded coconut, jelly or whipped cream, etc. that you consider will add a remarkable touch to your ice cream cakes.

Preserve Your Cake

Although making a cake at home is very easy, it takes time. And most of the time, you do not have to serve cakes instantly after making them. So, using cake packaging solutions to preserve them for a certain time will help you retain their freshness and avoiding any kind of possible damages to them. Specifically, if you are aiming to serve them as favors to your guests on the party you are throwing, the need for preservation of these boxes with the help of cake boxes becomes great.

Following the stated steps and guidelines can help you make highly delicious and remarkable ice cream cakes at home with ease and perfection to serve your purpose very best. Making use of cake packaging solutions after making a cake by following the suggested steps can help you preserve them to uphold their taste and freshness for a long time.

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